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What to include in your pitch to stand out

Hey there, fellow UGC creators!

As you know, pitching yourself to a brand or potential client can be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you stand out from the rest of the pack, and a great pitch can do just that.

Here are some tips on what to include in your pitch to help you catch the client's attention and land the job.

  1. Write two video ideas that match your style and the brand's: Show the brand that you understand their audience and their style, and that you have creative ideas that will bring their product or service to life. Be sure to give some details on what the video will include, such as the message, the tone, and the visuals.

  2. Reference their name and/or product multiple times: This may seem like a small detail, but it shows that you've done your research and are genuinely interested in the brand. It also proves that you're not just copy-pasting the same pitch to every brand out there. Personalization is key!

  3. Attach one video example in a similar niche: Give the brand a taste of what you can do by attaching a video example that shows off your skills in a similar niche. This can be something you've created for another brand or even a personal project that showcases your creativity and style.

Remember, keep your pitch short and sweet, but also show your enthusiasm and passion for the brand. Good luck, and happy pitching!

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