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How to write great UGC scripts: The AIDCA Formula

Hey there, fellow UGC creators!

When it comes to developing a creative strategy for a client, having a solid workflow in place can make all the difference. Here's a look at my creative strategy workflow and how it can help you develop an effective strategy for your clients.

First and foremost, I always start by looking at the client's website. This gives me a good understanding of their brand and what they offer. It's also a good way to get a sense of their style and tone.

Next, I read their brand guidelines. This is an important step because it helps me understand what the client's expectations are for their brand and how they want to be perceived by their audience.

After that, I go to their social media accounts. Here, I look at their creative strategy, messaging, and how they interact with their clients. I also take a look at their organic content and what type of questions always pop up.

The next step is to search for press coverage. This helps me understand who wrote about the client, what they said, and what parts I like. This information can be useful in shaping the client's messaging and overall strategy.

I also check out reviews on sites like, Trust Pilot, Amazon, and eBay. This gives me a good sense of how the audience feels about the product or brand, which can be helpful in crafting messaging that resonates with the target audience.

Another important step in my workflow is to look at the client's previous best-performing ads. This gives me a good sense of what has worked well in the past and what types of messaging resonated with their audience.

Next, I research at least three competitors. I check out their previous ads and analyze their social media presence. This helps me understand what the competition is doing and what types of messaging and tactics are working for them.

Finally, I try to understand in what level of awareness my audience is, whether they are aware of the brand or not, to adjust the messaging and tactics for the campaign to be more effective. Once I have a good understanding of all of these factors, I begin to create the scripts and develop the overall creative strategy for the client.

In conclusion, having a solid creative strategy workflow in place can help ensure that you develop effective strategies for your clients. By taking the time to research the client, understand their brand and audience, and analyze the competition, you can create messaging and tactics that resonate with the target audience and help achieve the client's goals.

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