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How to raise your price per UGC video

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Hey there UGC creators!

As a UGC coach, I know that the demand for high-quality, engaging UGC is constantly growing. Brands are always on the lookout for fresh content that resonates with their audience, and as you grow and improve as a creator, it's only natural that your prices should reflect that. But how can you raise your prices without losing clients? The key is in offering added value through upsells.

Let's talk about Hook/CTA variations. You know that different hooks and CTAs can make a huge difference in how an ad performs. The more options you can offer a brand, the more valuable your UGC becomes to them. To upsell this service, consider charging at least 10% of your base rate per variation.

Another great upsell is RAW footage. This type of footage is extremely valuable to brands, as they can edit it in many different ways and use it for future campaigns. To upsell this service, consider charging at least 50% of your base rate.

If you have a strong audience, you can also upsell your UGC by creating Spark Ads. These are ads that the brand will advertise with your handle, rather than directly from their own profile. This can lead to more engagement for the brand and more reach for you, plus the potential for more followers. The amount you should charge for this service depends on your following.

Finally, you can also upsell with the period of usage. Let the brand know they can use your content for a certain amount of months (between three to six months) and then charge them again if they would like to keep using it. This way, if your ad performs well, you might be getting a new payment every three or six months from work you already did.

It's important to remember that upselling should always be done in a way that adds value to the brand, not just as a way to increase your price. By offering added value, you'll be able to justify your higher prices and continue to attract new clients.

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